slots are currently | closed |

contact: [email protected]
(just send references and what style you’d like! +any details)


Cropped to 624px * 1754px
Single character only. Only skin and some shiny surfaces (e.g. jewelry) will be shaded

Props / Large weapons +5 ~ 10USD
Complex / Very detailed designs +5 ~ 10USD
(e.g. FFXIV / armored characters)

general terms
  • I accept/reject requests upon my discretion.
  • Please give me at least 2~3 weeks for turnaround time.
  • I can make minor edits but any major changes after the sketch will incur a fee.
  • I require at least 50% of payment upfront! You can send the other half either after I send a finished sketch or a heavily watermarked/low-res version of the final image.
  • All payment is done through paypal invoice, USD only.
  • Private commissions +5USD
refund + usage terms
  • There are no refunds offered for pre-made designs or finished commissions.
  • if I cancel the commission you get a full refund
  • if you cancel the commission after I’ve started you will only get a partial refund
  • if you cancel the commission before I’ve started you will get a full refund.

• The commissioned artwork is strictly for personal/non-commercial use only, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about usage!
• Slight edits are fine for personal avatars/graphics but do not make extreme edits (e.g. removing my signature). If you’re unsure feel free to run your concerns by me!
• I sometimes post commissions on social media or on my personal website for portfolio purposes, if you have any issues with this please tell me beforehand (Private commissions are +5USD).