slots are currently open!
contact: seasalt.watermelon@gmail.com

(just send references and what style you’d like! +any details)


will draw

• OCs w/ drawn refs
• fancharacters/fanart
• guro

might draw

• OCs w/o drawn refs
(+added fee)

• real people
• furry/anthro/feral
(usually fine if it’s pixel art)

won’t draw

• elderly
• mecha
• nsfw/fetish art

regular art

flat coloured sketches

Waist-Up: 25USD / Thigh-Up: 30USD

flat coloured sketches, will have some gradients and simple skin shading.

additional characters are

+80% of base price

small pets/creatures are an extra


pixel art

pixel sprites additional
additional characters are

+90% of base price

small pets/creatures are an extra


simple animation like blinking or floating objects (hearts/stars) are


• more complicated animations are


scenery or large props are


pixel sprite mini

Base Price: 15USD

mini sized pixel sprites, any complex designs will be simplified!

pixel sprite chibi

Base Price: 25USD

chibi pixel sprites, comes with transparent background with a white outline around the sprite.

pixel sprite elegant

Base Price: 30USD

large sized pixel sprites, complex designs have an extra fee (multiple large wings, detailed armor, etc.)
icon 32×32

Base Price: 5USD


simple expressions

complex expressions

If you’re having trouble deciding on expressions
I’ve made an expression guide here! You just need to send me the labels of the expressions you’d like.

extra: expressions



for simple expressions


for complex expressions (adding props,outfit changes,etc.)

There is no maximum number of expressions I will do but it’ll help if you send emojis as ref for extra expressions! These can also be used as discord emojis, and can be matched for couple icons (e.g. put a heart connecting the two icons).

read me

general terms

• I accept/reject requests upon my discretion.
• Please give me at least 2~3 weeks for turnaround time.
• I can make minor edits but any major changes after the sketch will incur a fee.
• I require at least 50% of payment upfront! You can send the other half either after I send a finished sketch or a heavily watermarked/low-res version of the final image.
• All payment is done through paypal invoice, USD only.
Private commissions +5USD

refund terms

• There are no refunds offered for pre-made designs or finished commissions.
• if I cancel the commission you get a full refund
• if you cancel the commission after I’ve started you will only get a partial refund
• if you cancel the commission before I’ve started you will get a full refund.

usage terms

• The commissioned artwork is strictly for personal/non-commercial use only, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about usage!
• Slight edits are fine for personal avatars/graphics but do not make extreme edits (e.g. removing my signature). If you’re unsure feel free to run your concerns by me!
• I sometimes post commissions on social media or on my personal website for portfolio purposes, if you have any issues with this please tell me beforehand (Private commissions are +5USD).