contact: unprince.mail@gmail.com

Hi! I’m Prince and I draw and make games as a hobby. I also enjoy making and modding zines in my free time <3
This page also includes projects I’ve contributed to.


Love on the Peacock Express Contributing Artist (background/cg)


2019 zines (contributing artist)

2019 Travel Guide: An Animal Crossing Zine‚Äč

2019 Breakout Zine: A CROB Zine

2019 Pokemigawari Design Zine

2019 Summergelion: An Evangelion Summer Zine

2018 zines (contributing artist)

2018 Gamer Girls, A Nintendo Girls Zine
(two illos + merch)

2018 TodoDeku Worlds Zine
(two page spread + postcard)

2018 All Night! A BNHA Slumber Party Zine

2018 Tiny Adventures, A Voltron Charity Fanzine

2018 High Quest!! A Haikyuu!! FHQ Zine
(dust jacket cover)
2018 Against All Odds, A Haikyuu!! Rarepair Zine

2018 ~Divine~ A Haikyuu!! Mythology Zine

2018 Blast Away! A Kingdom Hearts Fanzine

2018 The Villainess Art Book Volume 1

2018 Klonoa: Dream Collective 4